Did you know that at The Canvas Print Shop we do more than just canvases? Whilst that may be our main line of work, we provide a whole range of printing services, including:-

  • Posters
  • Architectural Plans
  • Graphs/Charts
  • Wide format photographs
  • Promotional signage
  • Design layouts
  • Family timelines
  • Reproductions of Artwork


All of which can be produced in a range of sizes, from A4 – A0, and with quality guaranteed thanks to our large scale printer that makes use of the latest technology with its 12 colour HP Vivera ink system, providing incredible resolution and detail.

Simply pop in to our small retail hub in the heart of Cheshire and our friendly staff will be happy to help and advise you on what would be best suited to your needs. On a daily basis we deal with many businessmen, professional companies and architectural firms who rely on our printing services to operate on a day to day basis. And it’s not just printing; many of our regular customers who work in the construction, planning or design industry also use us to supply them with copies and scans of important wide format documents. We can even laminate documents that will be open to the elements to keep them in pristine condition – perfect if you work in a field where you’re often out and about!

What’s more, we pride ourselves on our speedy turnaround time, aiming to produce your order for you within the space of a working day, and in many cases, printing and copying documents for customers whilst they wait.

Prices start from as little as £4, so what are you waiting for? Contact us or call in today & be amazed at what’s possible!


knutsford canvas30x6 BLACK

These days it seems a hard task to find anything new. Photography styles are beginning to blur into one, and whilst nothing beats a simple portrait, there’s definitely a demand for new and innovative canvases to grace our walls. The market is saturated with companies offering families, couples, friends and individuals the chance to be captured on canvas, and whilst there’s certainly a place for these in our homes, we at Techno Type like to offer our customers the option of creating a canvas altogether more unique.

In the previous post I touched upon the topic of personalisation, affording our customers the opportunity to alter their images in a variety of ways to suit their needs and taste. In a similar vein, we encourage customers to be as creative and innovative as they like, providing you with a range of options to make your canvas stand out from the crowd. Previously we have had a customer come to us with their child’s old artwork from many moons ago, looking a bit worse for wear but evidently still a treasured memory. We were able to take these images, scan them onto our system, restore them and then transform them into a sturdy canvas built to last a lifetime. In the same frame of mind, we often have customers come to us hoping to immortalise a sentimental image such as an ultrasound scan or the handprints of loved ones. If you want to be different, the trick is to think outside of the box. A family timeline, a world map pinpointing your favourite places travelled, an inspiring quote or song, an important and memorable date or just a simple collage of the things you love; you are literally being offered a blank canvas – pun intended – so make the most of it!

Unlike many customers who restrict their customers by forcing them to choose from a list of somewhat limiting options, we make every effort to encourage creativity and to accommodate your heart’s desires. So think big, go bold and rely on us to make you a canvas that’s more than just a picture.

a Knuts 4 156_pex



Since when did customer service become so faceless? In an age full of automated helplines and online FAQs, it often seems like the world has forgotten about the days of personal, comprehensive service. At Techno Type we don’t believe in letting computers do all of the work for us. To us, there’s nothing more important than ensuring our customers are happy, and without that personal interaction, how can anyone expect to receive the best end product?

At The Canvas Print Shop we provide our customers with the opportunity to sit with us and personally engage in the editing process. Once your photo has been received by us, we invite you to personalise your product in variety of ways. Customers can choose from a range of sizes, varying from the dainty and understated 6x6inch frame to the grandiose 72x38inch frame for those hoping to make a bit more of a statement! Not only are you able to specify the product’s size and dimensions, but you are also afforded the option of having your photo edited by us to enhance the colour, remove unwanted marks or to crop a particular subject. Further to this, we also offer our customers the opportunity to choose their option of side border colour/style. For no extra charge, customers can pick from any colour of their liking or select the ‘gallery wrap’ style, which mirrors the picture around the edges, granting the image a 3-D appearance.

Whilst many companies who offer canvas printing services limit their customisable options, we believe it’s only fair to provide our customers with this much more extensive service, particularly given that your canvas is likely to be hanging on your wall for years to come. Your photo is personal to you, so why should the service you receive be any different? Take my advice: ditch the faceless corporations and take your business to a company that cares. Nothing beats the personal touch.

two kidsCharlotte and DadClara and Dad

It’s no secret that canvases are one of the latest trends, and with their ever-growing popularity comes an ever-growing market. So with a broad range of businesses now offering this service, including big name brands, why choose a small family business based in the rural heart of Cheshire? One word: quality.

Over the next few months we will be writing a series of posts that will take an in depth look at our canvas making process, showcasing why our canvases are something to be proud of. In this post I’m taking a look at materials, as whilst canvas may be considered rustic, the last thing you want are bumps, nicks and uneven threads turning what should be a thing of beauty upon your wall into a regretful purchase.

At The Canvas Print Shop we will not compromise on the quality of the material we use. We print onto canvas material that’s not only crisp white in colour but very tightly woven, ensuring a smooth finish so that your photos remain picture perfect. And what would a canvas be without it’s frame? We mount our canvases onto 38mm pine wooden frames that enable your photos to be showcased in their best light, securing a long life span for your canvas and providing you with years of enjoyment - potentially even a lifetime!

All too often canvases are produced by companies who know little about the delicate nature of printing and the difference quality materials make. Such large scale businesses are frequently seen pedalling canvases at cut price rates – but be warned… These bargains come at a cost, a cost in that all important q-word: quality! So whilst it may seem tempting to grab that canvas at bargain basement prices, take a moment to consider what it is that you’re actually paying for. All in all the lesson is simple: be prepared to spend that little bit extra and reap the benefits!


horse 17 canvIts coming into The Christmas ‘Present Frenzy’ season , when all of us get stressed out about what to buy a loved one who has probably got everything anyway. I don’t know about you, but a really personal gift of a Photo on canvas is relatively inexpensive , but shows alot of thought and effort. It could be a canvas of a family picture for a grandparent, a cherished pet or boyfriend! or girlfriend for that matter. Or even a favourite holiday snap captured on canvas to remind you of that fantastic holiday. Here are some examples ‘hot’ off the press that we have done for some customers at The Canvas Print Shop


IMG_0263    The Canvas Print Shop teamed up with Paul Worpole - local Knutsford celebrity photographer to produce some very modern ‘state of art ‘ prints of our beautiful Knutsford town for The Knutsford Heritage Centre.

It was not only an opportunity to advertise our amazing canvas prints, but also support the local heritage centre in its bid to launch the new Musgrave Gallery. We selected the best prints of Knutsford to produce as 24 x 24 inch canvas prints which were exhibited in the Heritage Centre for the whole of October. All the images of Knutsford (courtesy of Paul Worple) can be purchased on The Canvas Print Shop website. Alternatively , if customers would prefer them as satin photo prints or gloss photo prints at any size, just get in touch with us at The Canvas Print Shop


Image of Paul Worpole Photographer for The Canvas Print ShopThe Canvas Print Shop is really excited to announce the addition of some unique NEW Canvas Prints of Knutsford. We have teamed up with an eminently talented Local Photographer Paul Worpole who was commissioned by Knutsford Heritage Centre to capture some images of Knutsford for its new website . His amazing photographs depict our historical town in a refreshingly modern way , which is why we decided to work in conjunction with Paul and The Knutsford Heritage Centre to make these images of Knutsford freely available as beautiful canvas prints. Anyone who has visited Knutsford or even lives in Knutsford would love thes prints. The images are printed at the highest resolution using the latest technology fade resistant Vivera HP inks and printed onto scratch resistant canvas, creating a beautiful piece of Canvas Wall Art . The images will be freely available to buy through The Canvas Print Shop as canvas prints in various sizes to  suit most homes or offices. Watch this space and blog for when these will be available !! But in the meantime , here is Paul himself talking about his photographs  and himself!

Message from the Photographer himself!




The canvas print shop sister company celebrate 30 yearsA big thank you to all our customers who came and celebrated our 30 years in business on Friday. Lots of ‘Fizz’ and cake were consumed as well as people showing an interest in our Poster prints on the wall of Techno Type through the ages. All our customers showed a great deal of interest in our new photos on canvas and some canvas prints we had produced by one of our local artists, all of which are available though our new canvas print shop website. Customers also enjoyed playing our ‘sticking Mr Pritt stick’ game on a giant  target board A0 poster print. We also received some great well wishes via e mail from some of our account customers. Even though office supplies, stationery and plan printing can be a little dull, it didn’t seem like that on Friday!!

Our office supplies business over recent years has diversified massively into wide format printing and canvas printing, mainly driven by customer demand within our small retail shop in Knutsford.

We had always provided a black wide format copying service which did very well as we were surrounded by interior designers, architects, building firms and kitchen designers , all of which needed plans printing. Increasingly we were asked for colour prints. So, we invested heavily in a state of the art printer which produces the highest quality Graphic poster prints with 100year guaranteed Vivera colour fast inks, ideal for advertising posters and exhibitions. Equally it will produce colour CAD plan prints. Then, our customers stared complaining that their prints were getting wet whilst on site (due to the lovely English weather we have). So, listening to our customers , we went ahead and bought a wide format laminator , which has paid for iteself within 6 months! and made all our building and garden designers very happy – no more soggy plans

But, the other surprising transition was the production of amazing high quality Canvas prints from customer photographs, sales of which have taken off exponentially, just from advertising locally in our Retail shop window. On May 22nd we are are launching our on line website, offering all these services and hope, through careful social media marketing, blogging and other web optimisation, this spin off firm : www.thecanvasprintshop.co.uk will take off. So watch this space!!

In the current economic climate with over 60% of sales occuring on line – it seemed to be a no brainer. Your products have to be on line these days and who knows , within 12 months , I may need to invest in more equipment and more staff and maybe even new premises (here’s hoping).