knutsford canvas30x6 BLACK

These days it seems a hard task to find anything new. Photography styles are beginning to blur into one, and whilst nothing beats a simple portrait, there’s definitely a demand for new and innovative canvases to grace our walls. The market is saturated with companies offering families, couples, friends and individuals the chance to be captured on canvas, and whilst there’s certainly a place for these in our homes, we at Techno Type like to offer our customers the option of creating a canvas altogether more unique.

In the previous post I touched upon the topic of personalisation, affording our customers the opportunity to alter their images in a variety of ways to suit their needs and taste. In a similar vein, we encourage customers to be as creative and innovative as they like, providing you with a range of options to make your canvas stand out from the crowd. Previously we have had a customer come to us with their child’s old artwork from many moons ago, looking a bit worse for wear but evidently still a treasured memory. We were able to take these images, scan them onto our system, restore them and then transform them into a sturdy canvas built to last a lifetime. In the same frame of mind, we often have customers come to us hoping to immortalise a sentimental image such as an ultrasound scan or the handprints of loved ones. If you want to be different, the trick is to think outside of the box. A family timeline, a world map pinpointing your favourite places travelled, an inspiring quote or song, an important and memorable date or just a simple collage of the things you love; you are literally being offered a blank canvas – pun intended – so make the most of it!

Unlike many customers who restrict their customers by forcing them to choose from a list of somewhat limiting options, we make every effort to encourage creativity and to accommodate your heart’s desires. So think big, go bold and rely on us to make you a canvas that’s more than just a picture.

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