It’s no secret that canvases are one of the latest trends, and with their ever-growing popularity comes an ever-growing market. So with a broad range of businesses now offering this service, including big name brands, why choose a small family business based in the rural heart of Cheshire? One word: quality.

Over the next few months we will be writing a series of posts that will take an in depth look at our canvas making process, showcasing why our canvases are something to be proud of. In this post I’m taking a look at materials, as whilst canvas may be considered rustic, the last thing you want are bumps, nicks and uneven threads turning what should be a thing of beauty upon your wall into a regretful purchase.

At The Canvas Print Shop we will not compromise on the quality of the material we use. We print onto canvas material that’s not only crisp white in colour but very tightly woven, ensuring a smooth finish so that your photos remain picture perfect. And what would a canvas be without it’s frame? We mount our canvases onto 38mm pine wooden frames that enable your photos to be showcased in their best light, securing a long life span for your canvas and providing you with years of enjoyment - potentially even a lifetime!

All too often canvases are produced by companies who know little about the delicate nature of printing and the difference quality materials make. Such large scale businesses are frequently seen pedalling canvases at cut price rates – but be warned… These bargains come at a cost, a cost in that all important q-word: quality! So whilst it may seem tempting to grab that canvas at bargain basement prices, take a moment to consider what it is that you’re actually paying for. All in all the lesson is simple: be prepared to spend that little bit extra and reap the benefits!


horse 17 canvIts coming into The Christmas ‘Present Frenzy’ season , when all of us get stressed out about what to buy a loved one who has probably got everything anyway. I don’t know about you, but a really personal gift of a Photo on canvas is relatively inexpensive , but shows alot of thought and effort. It could be a canvas of a family picture for a grandparent, a cherished pet or boyfriend! or girlfriend for that matter. Or even a favourite holiday snap captured on canvas to remind you of that fantastic holiday. Here are some examples ‘hot’ off the press that we have done for some customers at The Canvas Print Shop